Birthday's & Anniversarys
Since I'm starting to add more and more birthday pages, I've decided to make a birthday page
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Last updated on: 3/6/2018
Alan's 35th
Alec's 20th
Alec's 21st
Alec's 22nd
Alec's 26th
Alec's 28th
Alec's 29th        (New)       
Amy's 23rd
Amy's 24th
Amy's 26th
Andrea's 40th         
Anne's 23rd
Annette's 40th
Annette's 41st
Brandon's 31st
Brandon's 33rd
Brennan's 30th
Brian's 16th
Brian's 18th        
Burt's 65th
Cathy's 50th
Cathy's 51st 
Chris's 50th
Cindy's 40th
Cindy's 41st
Cindy's 46th
Cindy's 47th
Cindy's 48th
Cindy's 50th 
Claire's 9th
Clara's 1st
Clara's 2nd
Connie's Poets
Connie's Gloria's
Christiaan's 26th
Danny's 42nd
Danny's 49th
Danny's 50th
Danny's 51st
Danny's 52nd
Danny's 54th
Danny's 56th          (New)
Dan's 38th
Dan Keith's 50th                   
Della's 50th
Elder's 75th
Elder's 87th
Elder's 88th
Elder's 89th
Elder's 90th
Elder's 91st
Emily's 16th
Gussie's 77th         (New)
Helen's 79th
Helen's 80th
Josh's 24th
Karen D's 26th
Karen D's 27th         
Karen R's 50th
Larry & Marguerite's 50th
Larry's 40th                   
Larry's 44th
Larry's 47th
Larry's 48th
Larry's 49th
Larry's 50th
Larry's 54th          (New)          
Larry Sr's 68th
Larry Sr's 73rd
Larry Sr's 75th
Luke's 24th         
Lynn's 55th
Marguerite's 69th
Marguerite's 70th
Marguerite's 71st
Marguerite's 73rd
Marguerite's 74th
Marguerite's 75th    
Mark's 45th
Mark's 50th
Mary's 48th
Mary's 49th
Mary's 50th
Mary's 54th        
Mike's 26th
Noah M's 1st            
Pat's 11th
Ransal & Dare's 60th         
Ren's 12th
Robin's 24th
Ryley's 1st
Ryley's 2nd
Ryley's 3rd          (New)
Sara's 32nd    
Sheila's 40th
Sheils's 42nd         
Sonny's 55th
Sue's 56th
Susan's 50th
Susie's 37th
Susie's 40th
Tommy's                 (New)
Toot's 82nd         
Wade's 25th